‘K-POP Sensation’ NCT 127, global attention is hot!

Apr 28, 2019

ABC ‘Good Morning America’ First public stage Focus on local media!

Billboard, “NCT 127, dominated the stage with overwhelming performance in the heart of Times Square in New York”

MTV, “NCT 127 unique charisma and sharper choreography scene blended”
HYPEBAE, “NCT 127 occupied the huge billboard of New York Times Square”
NCT 127 (SM) received the attention of local media such as Billboard, MTV and HYPEBAE as a new song ‘Superhuman’ stage which was first released by ABC’s representative program ‘Good Morning America’.

NCT 127 debuted on Superhuman in Good Morning America on the Web site on the 18th of this week, “said Billboard. NCT 127, which debuted at ABC Morning Show in the US, He showed off Cherry Bomb and Superhuman stages in the center of Times Square and dominated the ‘Good Morning America’ stage with its overwhelming performance, “explained the NCT 127 performance.

MTV, a music specialist, also lights up the stage and says, “Superhuman is a lively, bouncing track that makes you want to dance. “The new album presents a new disco punk genre that has not been seen in K pops until now.” “Superhuman” stage, which was featured at ‘Good Morning America’, was a brilliant scene with a charismatic and sharp choreography unique to NCT 127. ” I focused my attention on the sun.

In addition, American beauty and fashion magazine HYPEBAE also posted on its homepage, “NCT 127 captured the huge screen of New York Times Square,” NCT 127 announced “Good Morning America” I felt it.

On the other hand, NCT 127 appeared on the famed Morning Show ‘Good Day New York’ on April 23 (local time). On April 24 (local time), NCT 127 was showcased in New Jersey PRUDENTIAL CENTER, The first North American tour will be held 12 times in 11 cities. <SM Town>